Establishment of the Lviv Centre of European Art

The Lviv Palace of Arts and the Ukrainian Society of Authors and Performers are proud to announce an establishment of the Lviv Centre of European Art.

City of Lviv has longstanding art traditions in the context of European culture. Yet, eighty years under communist oppression haven’t gone without a trace. Today we would like to revive our relationship with art institutions from other European countries and bring their artists closer to Ukrainian audience.

We advance this ambitious project to encourage cultural integration in Europe, foster communication between art communities, and to promote exchange of cultural heritage between different countries. The Centre aims to expand the creative potential and advance new trends in modern art environment.

Lviv Centre of European Art will focus on attracting contemporary artists working in a wide range of fields including visual media, installation, machine art, photo, paintings and sculpture to reach out to broad modern public.

We are open to partnerships and collaborations with new partners and sponsors that have interest in realization of our ambitious project.

Our email: euroarts.lviv [@] gmail.com


Lviv Palace of Arts

Lviv Palace of Arts was founded in 1996. The Palace has the largest exposition space in Ukraine of 3.600 sqm. The total space equals to 8.700 sqm. Dimensions of the 11 exposition halls that ar

Lviv Palace of Arts has an established history of large scale projects and unique exhibitions. The Palace hosted an unparalleled exhibition of an outstanding graphic artist of ukrainian origin Yaakov Hnizdovskyy. His works can be found in the most renowned US Museums, i.e. National Museum of American Art, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, White House Collection, Rockefeller Memorial Collection and Woodward’s Gallery. Artist’s paintings travelled across Latin America, Japan, India and other parts of the world with the exposition of Modern American Graphics.

Along with artists of the highest calibre Lviv Palace of Arts presents artists new to the art scene from art schools of Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania. Owing to our promotional efforts fine art connoisseurs have discovered outstanding talents of Y. Lysyk, K. Zvirynskyy, Z. Flint and H. Yakutovich, etc.

Lviv Palace of Arts is a regional platform for collaboration and partnership between numerous organisations from Ukraine and abroad. A number of exhibitions were developed in collaboration with the National Ukrainian Artists Society, Lviv National Academy of Fine Arts and Lviv College of Applied & Decorative Arts. Some of these projects have grown into regular cultural events, for instance “Textile Shale-oil”, “Lviv Gobelin (tapestry)”, “Lviv Ceramics”, etc. Lviv Arts Palace maintains strong connections with well known ukrainian artists from Kyiv, Odesa, Mykolayiv, Ternopil, Chernivtsi, Zhytomyr, Donetsk.

Traditionally very fruitful cooperation is established with our partners from Poland. In 2009 Lviv Palace of Arts hosted an exhibition “Herbert: portraits & author portraits from the writer’s archive (1924-1998)” that finalized the Year of Zbigniev Herbert declared by polish ministry of culture. Lviv Palace of Arts extends its reach to creative aspirations of youth. The ground floor has been devoted to phenomenal paintings of young artists from Poland, Czech, Slovak, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, Egypt, Sri-Lanka and Argentine.

These days Lviv Palace of Arts takes upon the mission of attracting contemporary artists working in a wide range of fields including visual media, installation, machine art, photo, film, video, and sculpture to reach out to broad modern public.

The programme for 2009 includes distinctive expositions in those fields. Famous greek photographer Stavros Andriotis will present photo exhibition “Absence & Presence”, which focuses on modern and historical city environment s of Greece. International Visual Art Festival will offer creative works of young and distinguished artists from across Eastern Europe. Lviv Palace of Arts will launch monthly Movie Nights dedicated to promotion of art house film productions. A spectacular exhibition “Angels” will present sculptures of the well known Lviv sculptor Myroslav Dedyshyn and paintings of the Kyiv painter Tetyana Kravchenko. In a traditional manner Lviv Palace of Arts will also host the autumnal and the springtime expositions of the Ukrainian National Artists Society covering painted works, sculptures, ceramics, textile, batiks, graphics, photos and conceptual works.

A weekly programme of Lviv Palace of Arts in 2009 will feature also Sunday theatrical performances, among them “Theater in the Basket” by Lviv Mono Theater, a salient project of the producer Iryna Volytska and the actress Lydia Danylchuk.

For many years Lviv Palace of Arts provides the venue for numerous exhibitions, forums, conferences, concerts and other events that attract a large public attendance. Gathering in its halls artists as well as representatives of state and business elite our establishment is always open to a wide range of visitors and partners.

Lviv Palace of Arts
Copernicus str., 17
79000 Lviv, Ukraine

Ukrainian Society of Authors and Performers

Ukrainian Society of Authors and Performers (USAP!) is a not-for-profit membership association of Ukrainian authors, musicians and artists who united to encourage the transformations in the field of intellectual property aimed at achieving the world standards of copyright protection and fostering the development of cultural industry in Ukraine.

USAP! was founded on April 17, 2003 and received the status of a legal entity incorporated under public law on May 30, 2003 according to the Certificate of State registration. USAP! emerged as a natural response to the growing concerns of Ukrainian artists who want the cultural industry to live according to the law protecting their rights. Fostering the creative environment and incentives for artists is the USAP’s prime aspiration.

We are committed to nurturing artists and to promoting and fostering their interests by all lawful means. USAP exists to ensure that works of art are protected against piracies of any kind, that copyright laws are administered to abolish abuses and unfair practices, that our members are represented in any controversies, actions or proceedings. USAP! operates as interface between creators and the entities (publishers, broadcasting organizations and producers), which permit the commercial exploitation of works of art. Furthermore, we stand behind the united action in fighting for the rights of artists in the Parliament and in the courts by supporting reforms in the law respecting intellectual property.

The realization of our vision is based on adherence to the values of integrity, fairness, respect, efficiency, and trust. Through ongoing improvement work and continuous development of our stuff we aim to offer the most devoted services to our members.

E-mail: uaav.usap [@] gmail.com

Web: www.uaav.net